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Why Catholic?

We will begin our third year with the Why Catholic? program 

This year our sessions will be from the CELEBRATE book focusing on the Sacraments.

The first 6 sessions explore the many possibilities that God is with us and among us.  We begin with the Liturgy; Sacraments; The Body of Christ at Prayer; Baptism; Confirmation; and then end before Advent with the Eucharist.

During Lent we continue with the remaining 6 sessions.  They will focus on Penance and Reconciliation; Anointing of the Sick; Holy Orders; Matrimony; Sacramentals and Devotions; and end with Sacred Time and Sacred Space.

We have openings for  2 groups:

1.  Friday’s at noon  Will begin on Friday, February 17, 2017 

2. Sunday Mornings  Will begin on Sunday, February 12, 2017 

Everyone  is Welcome!  

Please call 954-467-7749 to register and for more information.         


Join us for a journey through the Sacraments


Deepen your Catholic Faith and live it more fully.  Share its blessings with the people around you.

Meet New Friends!